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Homecoming Alumni Band 2017

Saturday, October 28, 2017
3:30 pm

University of Maryland Homecoming 2017Maryland vs. Indiana

Homecoming 2017 will usher in many exciting changes for Alumni Band, the biggest being that we will not march pre-game, we will march halftime instead. The show theme is Pink Floyd (friends of Charlie Shive, this one's for him). Details will be available soon, so dust off those horns, and find a good pair of sneakers now!

We will do our best to update you with any changes or updates to the game day festivities, but please check this site for updates as well.

New for 2017

  • Marching Halftime — Big changes are here for the alumni band! Instead of marching with the MSOM for pregame, we'll be joining them for a Pink Floyd themed halftime show. If you plan to play and march, please make sure you attend the morning rehearsals. Sheet music and routine videos (for silks & color guard alumni) will be made available before Homecoming. 
  • Clear Bag Policy — You can no longer bring purses, diaper bags, camera bags, or backpacks into Maryland Stadium. Please see the new bag policy for details on what is allowed.
  • Marchers-Only on the Field — Big Ten policy states that everyone on the field/track must have a reason to be there. That means we are not allowed to bring our kids through the tunnel anymore. Kids can still truck down, but cannot go into the stadium through the tunnel. Apparently, Big Ten has Enforcement Officers to patrol the field for everyone's safety. Hopefully we can find a better solution in future years.
  • Alumni Fleece — The late October game means we should get some cold weather. The annual Alumni Band shirt will be a fleece to keep everyone warm.
  • New Seats — The band has relocated to Section 12 to better fill Maryland Stadium with their sound. We'll be joining them in their new location instead of staying in the endzone.
  • Dancers — There are a few changes to your routine, which are specified in the "Homecoming Details" section. Please make sure to check through all the changes on this website, as they apply to you as well.

Alumni Band Registration

Online registration is now closed.

Registration Fees — Homecoming registration dues are $48 for individuals or $83 for couples. To welcome our newest alumni, recent Winter ’16 and Spring/Summer ’17 graduates will get a $20 discount, with a registration fee of $28. You can also order extra 2017 Alumni Band fleeces, tailgate meals, and game tickets for family and friends. Go to the online registration for more details.

Please register by 8:00 pm on Saturday, October 14th to participate in the Homecoming festivities. Your payment is needed by then to ensure accuracy in numbers for the fleece order, tailgate food, game tickets (must have payment in advance), field blocking, and more. Note: If you do not register by this date, you can still sign-in at the door. But you must pay the full dues plus a $10.00 late registration surcharge, and you unfortunately will not be guaranteed a fleece or tailgate meal (we’ll have very limited extras available). Please make sure to wear a black shirt as a backup (black Alumni Band shirt with weather-appropriate gear underneath preferred).

Dancers — Please click here for more information and to register for Homecoming. You have a separate form and registration options again this year.

Questions? Contact Marianne at Also follow our Facebook group to get the latest updates.

Homecoming Details

  • Game Day — Saturday, October 28th, 2017, Maryland vs. Indiana.
  • Game Time — 3:30 pm. Please see the tentative sign-in and rehearsal schedule in the sidebar, which will be finalized soon.
  • Dancers — There are a few changes to the procedure: (1) Alumni will be permitted to truck with the dance team or alumni band, but will NOT perform at the President's house; (2) Alumni dance team could possibly dance at the alumni center tailgate, but that will be determined at the morning practice; (3) Alumni are not permitted to have children on the field - No exceptions; (4) For alumni dancing third quarter, fillers will be uploaded to the site. Please click here for more information and to register for Homecoming.
  • Instruments — The MSOM has about 260 talented kids this year. So the Band Office only has a very limited number of available percussion, sousaphones, trombones, mellophones, and tenor saxes. If you need any other instrument, please do your best to beg, borrow, or steal an instrument. (Please don’t actually steal an instrument, we’re non-profit, and won’t be able to pay your legal fees!)  SOUSAPHONES: Please bring your own neck, bits, and mouthpieces as they are in very short supply!
  • Poms —‚Äč Dancers will have the option to buy Poms this year for $30 a pair (limited number available). Please see the Dancer registration for more details.
  • Music — Sheet music will be available to download so you can practice ahead of time. Details will be sent out to registered alumni closer to game day. The band office is running low on flip folders, so please bring yours along if you have one collecting dust.  If you print music to practice, please bring it with you. 
  • Dress — Please wear blue jeans and comfortable shoes. Our annual shirt style this year is a heavy fleece to account for the late-October weather. If you register at the door, please wear a black shirt as a backup (black Alumni Band shirt with weather-appropriate gear underneath preferred).
  • Halftime — We will be marching halftime only this year. If you plan to march, you must attend the morning rehearsals.
  • Tunnel — Only performing Alumni Band members will be allowed through the tunnel at Maryland Stadium. Everyone else must have a ticket and enter through a gate.
  • Tailgate — We are still working on our tailgate lunch. Details TBD and will be posted here soon.

    ** The Athletic Department has strongly emphasized that they will not allow any drinking in the tunnel, and will kick-out anyone (or everyone) in the Alumni Band if someone is caught drinking in the tunnel or "appears intoxicated". So please don’t break out those Natty Bohs until after the Truck back!
  • Participation Level — Want to enjoy Alumni Band without the work? You can march to the stadium and play in the stands. You don’t have to march halftime if you prefer to watch. And if you cannot truck but still want to play in the stands, that's OK, just let us know at check-in. 
  • 5th Quarter — After each game, the MSOM takes the field and plays a mini-concert before trucking back to The Clarice (CSPAC).  We are invited to watch prior to trucking back to The Clarice (CSPAC).
  • Trucking Back — We may truck back to the stadium with the MSOM, or we might line up on the concourse after the 5th Quarter, and truck back to The Clarice (CSPAC) ourselves. Either way, we'll see you on the stairs! 
  • Baby Carriage Brigade — Strollers are not allowed in the tunnel, stadium track, or stands. There is a stroller check-in option near Gate H (outside of Tyser Tower) if you want to truck with the band and check-in your stroller. Only Alumni Band members are allowed on the field/track, so children will have to have tickets and enter through the regular stadium entrance. Maryland Stadium also has a new clear bag policy, so diaper bags are no longer allowed.
  • Tickets — If you march in the Alumni Band, you do not have to buy yourself a game ticket. But your friends and family will still need a ticket to enter the stadium (purchased through us or the Maryland ticket office).  Remember - If you are puchasing game tickets, we must have your payment in advance with your registration. 
  • Parking — There is plenty of parking on the shoulders of Route 193 near the Stadium Drive entrance. If you want to park on campus, you can now obtain a parking permit in advance online. For more information on game day parking, see the campus football parking site.
  • Best Section Turn-out Plaque — Show the world that your section had the best turn-out with an engraved space on our “Alumni Band’s Best Represented Section” plaque.

What You Get For Your Dues

  • Participation in Homecoming
  • Annual alumni band shirt
  • Saturday pre-game tailgate
  • Social time with your band alumni friends
  • A chance to relive Maryland Band history
  • Note: Late/door registrations are not guaranteed to a shirt or tailgate meal (we’ll have very limited extras available).  Please make sure to wear a black shirt as a backup (black Alumni Band shirt preferred). 

What the Band Gets For Your Dues

  • Financial support for scholarships, uniforms, instruments, and more
  • Appreciation for Alumni

Remember - It's not about the Team.  It's about the Band!!


Any idea when the color guard video will be posted?

Cindy - Guard is still working in drill, we will post something as soon as we have it.

Can musicians obtain music before Saturday 10/28?

I am going to send out the sheet music as soon as I can this afternoon... stay tuned!

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Final Homecoming Schedule

Saturday, October 28th

8:30 am
Begin check-in and registration @ the Wakefield Band Room lobby
Head to Astro Turf after check-in for full rehearsal with MSOM
9:45 am
Optionally line up for Truck (or walk) to the Astro Turf for rehearsal
9:50 am
Be at Astro Turf for rehearsal at 10 AM (Early is on time, on time is late...)
10:00 am
Rehearsal Begins with MSOM
12:30 pm
Alumni band tailgate lunch
1:15 pm
Registration Closes — if you are not marching, please make sure you to pickup your fleeces and tickets by now
1:55 pm
Line-up for the game
2:05 pm
Step off — Truck to President’s House, Riggs and Stadium
3:30 pm
Kick-off! GO TERPS!!
~7:15 pm
MSOM 5th Quarter performance
~7:30 pm
Truck back to The Clarice (or walk back!)

Instrument Supply

As The Mighty Sound of Maryland continues to grow, extra instruments are in short supply. This year, band office only has a very limited number of percussion, sousaphones, trombones, mellophones, and tenor saxes available to borrow. For all other instruments, you will need to bring your own to Homecoming.

Please start talking to your family, friends, neighbors, local schools, or music stores to see if they have an instrument you can borrow for the weekend. If you are a band director and have some spare instruments, please let us know so we can hopefully provide a limited supply.

Poms are asked bring spares if you have them to make sure we have enough.